Cakes garden

Welcome to my cakes garden!  
My interest in flowers started more than 20 years’ ago in Kuala Lumpur.  It began with a course in Japanese bread dough, where with just a small pair of art scissors, a roller modelling stick and oil paints, wonderful bouquets of flowers can be created.  From there I moved on to crystal flowers, all the rage then.  And on to clay……  I had a wonderful small group of course mates: some artists, some tai-tais, whom I have lost touch after my return to Singapore and wish so much to meet up with again.  With two of them, Evelyn and Julie, we even started supplying to a florist – we had a great time getting dough flowers to dry on time to meet deadlines!  
I spent several years gardening crazily; many weekends were spent in plant nurseries and I even helped out on Sundays to learn about plants, fountains and landscaping.  My interest in flowers bloomed into reality as I "landscaped" my small garden complete with wooden swing and flowering archway.
A few years’ ago, I rekindled my flower interest in a more "marketable" medium – sugarpaste!  I completed the Wilton Cake Decorating course and advanced classes in American sugarcraft flowers.  I am so fortunate to have been schooled in the demanding Japanese flower making method earlier, which now allows me to combine East n West methods to great advantage.  I am also introduced to a new world of modelling tools for creative designs, other than floral, on cakes.
In order to decorate cakes, I now had to learn how to bake them!  So it was off to one and a half years of weekly Sunday classes.  I had never really been a bake person except for the compulsory one year in secondary school.  So I waded through sponge cakes, mud cakes, cheese cakes, creams, mousses, chocolates – how to temper them, couverture, varhona, ganaches…  gee I had always thought cakes were cakes!  
I did the Angel doll for my daughter’s 22nd birthday and it just flew off from there.  Friends and colleagues started asking for doll cakes, then other designs.  Wendy said please make a mermaid for my dad as he loves fishing.  Fui emailed me a picture of her nephew’s favourite dump truck and said please make this because he loves it.  Thank you for all the challenges without which I would not have ventured so far.
Thanks to my family including nephews, nieces, supportive colleagues and friends who endured my cakes and failures; with their wonderful and honest opinions without which I could not have improved.  Thanks for help and guidance from my wonderful friends in Malaysia met at the sugarcraft course – especially Jan in KL with whom I share cakes ups and downs.
Yeah – throw me your challenges!!!!
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One Response to Cakes garden

  1. Miin says:

    Hi, I really like your cakes. How can I contact you to bake one for my son\’s birthday?? Mthanks. Miin

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